Our Goldens

Sadie & Rosie

Sadie and Rosie are two beautiful sisters who love each other very much. Their personalities are the sweetest and full of energy to play all day long. Their stunning mom was imported from Brazil and their jaw dropping dad is a champion who resides in Miami, Florida. Their grandfather is a grand champion who has won the hearts of many people. They truly are one of a kind dogs.

Our Rottweilers


Bailey is such a smart, sweet and noble dog. She is very social and loves to be with the goldens as well as with kids. She has the perfect big head, short muzzle and big bone structure. Baileys champion dad was imported from Europe and is full brother of the one and only multi-champion Rex Timit Tor. Her pedigree is a dream come true for anyone!


Kiara is a survivor because she was born during a huge hurricane here in South Carolina. She was the only girl to survive in the liter. Her heart is full of love and although she is very calm she loves to play with you. She is 83 pounds full of love! Kiara is half German although she looks more German than anything.